Birlad’s Little Ones


As I walked to the hospital today, it occurred to me how beautiful this part of Romania is … Lots of green park areas to enjoy a quiet sit down in between the sometime chaotic job of, what was today, looking after eight children, ranging in age from three months to seven years … I guess the nurses all thought I could handle it and I suppose I did, whew, a mid day break in the park was in order! I have a newfound respect for pediatric nurses working with children having severe disabilities …. I find myself lost in thought at various points during the day …… what will happen to these abandoned youngsters without the steady stream of volunteers to give them that extra attention they so sorely need? ….. Mihaela and Dan are doing an awesome job keeping everything working smoothly … My hat is off to them! One year old Delia is certainly the little darling of the ward, bright as a star, charming everyone daily …. no limbs to speak of, yet she manages more than one would imagine …. Enjoyed a May 1st outdoor barbeque at the home of Mihaela and Dan’s friends, Sandor and Lumi. … (It was a national labor day holiday here, although we still did work at the hospital during the day) …. They have a beautiful garden, blooming with early flowers of all sorts …. The temps have been hovering around 30 C since I arrived last week and everyone is taking advantage of the weather …. From Bucharest to Birlad, people are enjoying outdoor picnic lunches and dinners everywhere they can. As I review my days, I realize how lucky I am and how heartwarming it is to be included and so welcomed in this small town community …. If I remember to take my camera tomorrow, will share some town scenes in my next post.

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