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The Magic that is San Miguel …


What remains a mystery to me, is how I could possibly have come to San Miguel for all these years and never discovered Life Path and the most awesome yoga teacher there, Antonio Elugardo … a nurturing, beautiful, kind, gentle, deeply respectful, highly intuitive human being.  His methods are very holistic in nature.   A delightful mix of meditation, breath work, qigong, chanting, deeply effective stretching and poses …. there is a rather appropriate saying I have always liked and applies … “when the pupil is ready, the teacher appears” …..  Bev and I will surely miss Antonio and his extraordinary classes when we leave … understatement!   

Yoga aside, our days have flown by … we savour the ambiance, the music, the friends, the food!   We never tire of the fresh array of avocados, mangoes, juices!  Fresh lime margaritas? ….. a daily treat!  Evenings often find us enjoying Netflix in the comfort of our villa, at pocket theatre, or a terrace dinner with friends.  All good 🙂 

One afternoon, Bev, Donna and I ventured into a park within the Bellas Artes Center for an outdoor music concert.  A perfect sunny warm afternoon to stop awhile, soak in the music and atmosphere.  A couple spontaneously broke into dance along the walkway …. delightful!  

We take in the music of Gil Gutierrez, and his jazz band one evening, on another, a concert with my personal favourite, Media Luna … whose music quite simply transports me :)!!   Their music style flows easily from Latin jazz to flamenco to gypsy jazz to classical to even a hint of Santana style rock.  They are a great group of young musicians who played in the central Jardin for tips just a few short years ago, until Gil Gutierrez “discovered” them and took them under his wing.  Gil, San Miguel de Allende’s most celebrated and talented musician was once a young street musician himself.   They now entertain weekly at Bistro Mi Casa, at the Instituto Allende, no longer having to rely on tips for their livelihood!  

Yes, this little city in central Mexico continues to reveal its many layers of magic, for those willing to walk through the doors and discover the surprises and awakenings that await …

San Miguel de Allende 2017


I have eased back into life here in amazing time, barely a blink of the eye … but it is my Mexican home away from home after all.   Not sure what I can actually call my home these days anyway … hmmmm …. to some I suppose I appear to flit about much like a hummingbird … happy to connect with family, friends, savour a meal, a warm shower, a place to rest … the life of an itinerant flitterer …. 

Lately, I have hesitated typing my blog for some reason …. well, I DO know what reason!   It feels somewhat pretentious to document my days!  It seems such an egoistic pursuit and I have worked so hard in recent years to lessen the hold ego has on my thoughts, actions and words.  At times, I have considered going back to a written journal format for my eyes only.   I do enjoy going back to re-read and review my travels, experiences, musings and hope my family and friends do as well …. so easily accessible on an iPad versus lugging around journals and albums.   It took a decade or so, but it would appear I am embracing technology. 

San Miguel is busy preparing for Semana Santa.  Slight understatement to say Easter festivities are big here in this country of Catholic converts!  It will be a steady stream of parades, fireworks and renactments of the crucifixion of Jesus and all that it entails ….  “Las lágrimas de Mary viernes” (Tears of Mary)  fill a whole weekend of renactments alone, prior to Easter week!  The crowds are huge and we often opt for a quiet evening of Netflix instead.  I guess we have made the transition from tourists to semi locals :). 

Bev and I walk along the familiar cobbly streets, slipping into our comfortable routines …. meeting up with friends, or huffing (well at least I do 😙) through our morning yoga classes at Life Path with yoga teacher extraordinaire, Antonio Elugardo, stopping in at the Biblioteca for an informative talk on the progress of the cooperative initiative in Cuba, or savouring a margarita fuelled pocket theatre evening.   By all accounts we have settled in 🙂