Monthly Archives: September 2018

Apologies … blog still stalled


In the fall, I am taking a course at the local college on WordPress Development, (yes, such a course exists πŸ€ͺ!!) hoping to troubleshoot the problems I am experiencing with posting pictures and take my blog/journal to another level, more for my own sense of satisfaction at learning something new once again, as anything else. My computers skills have started to lag over the last few years. I have become far too comfortable and complacent embracing the state of “being” over “doing” πŸ˜— lately … a finer balance would perhaps be in order. In the meantime, a blog entry coming soon of a rather emotionally charged summer … a summer that held many moments of celebration, beauty, goodness, joy, laughter, love, albeit interwoven with moments of sadness, disappointment, grief.

Meditation remains my ‘go to practice’, reliably guiding me to a fine and peaceful balance when life goes off-kilter, as it sometimes does πŸ˜— Hari Om Tat Sat❀️

October 27th …. well, here I am back in Kelowna, ready to head to Okanagan College for my WordPress course today! It was cancelled … I was the only one registered!!! The travails of life in a small city πŸ˜—. Guess I must muddle my own way through the glitches for the time being ….