Monthly Archives: December 2015

Family Times


The fall has been one of quiet and simple pleasures … savouring moments with my rapidly growing grandchildren … Oliver’s first birthday … a warm loving celebration at Sarah and Rob’s home.  Aliana’s “Grandma, let’s snuggle” remain favourite words that I know I will never tire of … Oliver also communicates this in his own way, snuggling his head into my chest!

A month in the desert was peaceful and relaxing as always, with visits from family and friends alike.  It was great to finally host my sister Maija and Otto, who literally kept Linda and I in stitches their whole visit … I cannot remember laughing so heartily in ages …. in another life, those two were surely a comedy duo!!  Linda and I continue to make, what is quickly becoming an annual meditative pilgrimage to prehistorically surreal serene Joshua Tree Park, a mere hour drive from La Quinta.   Sarah, Rob with my precious little ones joined us for a surprise visit and of course my good friends, Mickey and Gordon, for our annual fall catch up!   The pictures tell the story 🙂


As Christmas, the season of goodwill towards all approaches, my wish truly is a quote by author John Robbins … “may all be fed, may all be healed, may all be loved” … as compelling now as when I first read it so very long ago.