Monthly Archives: November 2015

Wild West Coast 


The wildness of the ocean on our stunning west coast in Tofino is as great a place as any, to sit quietly with my thoughts.  I love the contrast of the rough waves and the silent rainforest.  My soul and skin have started to breathe in the moisture, dry and crackly from an unseasonably warm and dry prairies this year.   The famed winter storms that bring many Canadians and tourists alike here in December and January are starting to slowly build up as October comes to an end.  The Canadian 2015 election is now history, with a young Justin Trudeau getting his kick at the can.  Back to socialistic deficits I suppose,  as he has certainly promised to do … have seen this go round and round a few times in my lifetime.  Let’s see how it works this time … hopeful, always hopeful for positive change. Will miss the strong stoic steady leadership of Stephen Harper and the Conservatives.  Style and flair wins the day with the majority of Canadians.  Not exactly my cup of tea …. 







Pandering politicians have never appealed.   But, I am an eternal optimist and welcome change into the political landscape.  Ever adaptable.  Perhaps the new paradigm in politics that I have been yearning for, is indeed emerging.  Need to shift gears and tally ho onwards :). 

Fall falls … in limbo and savouring every drop 


  To be totally honest, I was not exactly ready yet to be a member of the ‘property owners club’ … sounds too serious for my mindset these days … but I did tire somewhat of having to dig through everything in storage these past fifteen months … well, not entirely 🙂 … I am very adaptable that way and am almost sad to bid adieu to that segment of my life.   I am somewhat of a schleppy nomad who eschews normalcy, whatever that is … I most certainly have forgotten!  What gives me endless joy however, is that the two little folk in my life, could not care less that I have washed and worn the same five or six set of clothes for a very long time although, bless her little heart, my little granddaughter Aliana, did ask me recently … ‘grandma, do you have any other jammies’??  :).  The summer and fall held many precious family moments .. from the Rocky mountains to the far reaches of our beautiful west coast … I live in a beautiful country! 

So … back to point … I bought a little condo in Kelowna, British Columbia recently, a short hour flight commute to Calgary, where both my children live … I honestly cannot imagine not hugging them or my grandchildren every few months … but living in Calgary holds little appeal otherwise anymore, if it ever did … thank God for Westjet!!   Possession, January 2016 …