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San Miguel de Allende 2018


Air Canada recently added a direct flight to Mexico City from Calgary …. yeah!! No American security and long lines to deal with as is the case when flying via Houston to Queretaro! Initially Bev and I were sold on the idea and remain in that ballpark of thought for the time being. The singular negative issue was the necessity and cost of an overnight at an airport hotel in Mexico City, coming and going, combined with a longer shuttle commute to and from San Miguel … a two way cost factor involved … will weigh the pros and cons for next year with a tad more thought! ….. !! The tedium of travel issues and concerns disappear quickly however, the minute my feet land on the cobbly streets of San Miguel de Allende, and adjust to the pleasant rhythms of this charming colonial town in central Mexico!

Ahhh, how invigorating it is to be back … a restorative shuffling begins within hours of arrival! Back to the multitude of joys that continue to draw me here, year after year …. reuniting with my friend Bev, the warmth and friendliness of the Mexican people, church bells ringing throughout the day, continuing to preserve their long spiritual history, long walks everywhere, excellent alternative films at tiny pocket theatres, complete with a margarita and a bag of popcorn included in the admission price of roughly $9.00 Canadian dollars, great local restaurants, fresh mangoes every morning, stimulating talks at the local gringo based bibliotheca/library, musical concerts held in parks, canyons, local restaurants or churches, reuniting with a handful of friends we have made here over the years. Oh my, and the best of all, yoga classes with Antonio Elugardo, a Yoga maestro extraordinaire … I could take up residence in his classes and be totally content the rest of my days! The list of joys continues to grow yearly …. helping out in the rural community schools outside San Miguel where poverty remains a constant will hopefully grow into a regular involvement …. joining in every Sunday morning at the Universalist Community for music, celebration and interesting talks given by people of all faiths, who work together to build a community based on justice, equality and compassion for all …. yes, the many layers that make up this magical city continue to reveal themselves. Pictures tell the story to some degree, of my life and respite here during the dark days of a Canadian winter ….

Front row seats to a Media Luna concert at Paprika ❤️ … thank you Melissa and Donna!! A local band, comprised primarily of two young brothers and a few cousins. They have recently added an accordion player and a violinist … the addition adding to our musical enjoyment! These young men have ventured to playing in various venues in Puerto Vallarta this past year … more financially lucrative I imagine than playing for tips on street corners in San Miguel. Thankfully, they came back to play at our charming local restaurant Paprika, for the many fans who supported them over the past five years! It remains a highlight to hear Media Luna every year, wherever they play. A desire to expand their horizons was inevitable …. still a tad sad to lose our folksy little street corner band to the big city lights and tourism of Puerto Vallarta!



What I continue to miss during these long Canadian winters are the ski trips to the mountains! While my children were growing up, ski weekends to Fernie, Whitefish, Sunshine and Kananaskis were a welcome and wonderful addition to a country ‘blessed’ with long winters :). Thankful to my daughter Sarah, who knows how dearly I love being in the mountains, for orchestrating a weekend in Kananaskis with Aliana and Oliver … felt undeniably exhilarating to be breathing mountain air once again !!