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Summer 2021 Memories


Late spring into early summer, as always, finds me on the highway heading to Calgary to enjoy a few weeks with family. Always a pleasure to be in the Foothills of the Rockies when summer starts to unfurl its fresh greenery. Time with these munchkins is precious … so true that time flies at my age … weren’t Aliana and Oliver just babies?? …. and my own Sarah and Tim just teenagers LOL

No Kelowna summer really gets underway without my grandchildren coming for a visit. To start off their week with me, we had a nice brunch visit with my sister, niece, nephew and little Penelope, so cousins could reacquaint once more. A year speeds by even in this seemingly never ending pandemic era.

Cuddling cute little baby chicks

Double Digits now for darling Aliana ❤️

A family 10th birthday celebration for Aliana with Auntie Marg and Calgary friends the Drainville’s ❤️

Lake Country fun with Sarah and Rob’s Calgary neighbours Helen and Andrew … the kids are all friends … we stayed til dark!

Helen and Andrew put on a delicious bbq dinner before we drove home .. a perfect Okanagan day came to an end 😊

Onward to Victoria a few days later. Sarah rented a house close to her job in Victoria. It was a super summer, enjoying everything Victoria has to offer, from casual fish taco dinners at Fisherman’s Wharf, cider tastings, long leisurely days walking and playing on the beaches, whale watching, short hikes exploring the island and many delicious fresh seafood dinners! A highlight was taking Aliana and Oliver for a few weeks of sailing lessons. They amazed me how quickly they learn the basics of the sport. How quickly they learn everything really! The power of the young brain! As it appears my brain is on a different trajectory, a form of pandemic hiatus continues to plague my writing ability … (at least that’s my current excuse lol) … I will revert to my reliable old standby …. Posting pictures!

A whale watch tour with the Adolph’s
Cider tasting with Jordan and the Adolph’s
Aliana and Oliver enjoy fruit smoothies while we sample ciders
Oliver takes a sniff and quickly responds with a ‘gross’ !
A visit with Quinn and Ronan … they have all been friends since baby days
Italian feast before heading back to Calgary