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Spring and Summer 2018 … My Long Neglected Blog 😊

  • For many years, photo albums and scrapbooking of all family events and travels were my record keeping ‘go to’ creation. I thoroughly enjoyed the process, putting these memories into a format. Today however, these treasured
  • ‘creations’ remain neatly stacked and tucked away in my garage for lack of space and shelving in my new home!
  • In addition, as if the actual physical space is not sufficient, my iPad holds well over 8,000 photos of the past several years of events, global volunteering and various explorative travel, albeit all organized in cyber albums 😊. A solo nomadic year from 2010-2011 is further documented on a USB stick … thousands more pictures!! 😗. Yikes …. this qualifies as overload!!! I console myself that at least there are no further tangible albums to add to an already overly cluttered world!

  • It would appear this blog, this rather old fashioned journal, has evolved into a modern day record keeper … I occasionally refer to it, if only to recall where I may have travelled both geographically and internally. An interesting journey in itself 😗

April, May and June were brimming with family moments, birthdays, parties and a wedding! As the saying goes, pictures tell the story ….

Sarah and my little loves fly in for the baby and bridal showers.

Carmel hosts a baby shower for her daughter Kristine … drats, forgot to take pictures … just a few 😗!!!

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