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Christmas 2016 Musingsย 


Age certainly allows for a broader perspective on the emotionally charged Christmas family holiday!   I flash back to all the hoopla I was so pulled into as a young mom of two children in the 80’s, 90’s, and well into the new millennium!!!   Christmas was often way over the top …. a month of creating a festive atmosphere, functions, concerts, plays, gifts …. oh far far too many gifts!!   Memory takes me back to my own humble childhood …. Christmas Eve saunas for everyone, proceeded by the delicious Finnish  ”Kalakukko” … an oval loaf of rye bread with a pork and fish filling  … a delicious bread cocoon with pork, fish and pototoes simmering inside for several hours in a low temperature oven … this was a traditional Christmas Eve meal in Finland that my parents carried with them to Canada … thankfully!!  My sisters and I, to this day, remember how much we all savoured our mother’s Kalakukko!!  Strange and sad that not one of ‘Aili’s’ six daughters ever learned to bake it!   The gift opening that all  children relish, was endless hours (or so it seemed to young children) after the early evening meal and when the last family member finally emerged from the sauna!   Aaah … beautiful poignant memories.  Times have changed …. Nostalgic longings for more simplicity seem to always surface during the Christmas season  …. there is little doubt that my children and grandchildren are my joys today and undoubtedly will continue to be, always taking some form of centre stage in my heart … I am attempting to encourage a cabin Christmas somewhere once again for next year … will see … I remind myself  I make valiant attempts every year,  with little success ๐Ÿ™‚   Many years ago, Brian and I organized and hosted our family (Brian’s side of the family chain actually) to three cabin Christmases in Fernie, spaced out over six years … I personally always thoroughly enjoyed them.   Will see if we can pull that off next year with my children and their families.  Posting some pictures of various Christmas functions from the Webb/Overmann/Hawkes/Cullen/McMechan potluck Christmas gift exchange at Sarah and Rob’s, to Christmas Eve festivities back at Sarah & Rob’s and onward to Christmas Day at my niece and nephew’s place … (Sandra and Bob) … The Webb/Overmann arm of our family had earlier enjoyed our traditional Finnish pancake breakfast on Christmas morning, courtesy of Brian’s talents (something I encouraged my mother to teach Brian to make so very long ago … I thought it wise at the time to bring in the male side of the family into the tradition ๐Ÿ˜— … hopefully Brian has taught Tim well ?? )   All were beautiful warm family functions to close off 2016 … onward to a peaceful 2017 ๐Ÿ™

California Cruising Fall 2016

  1. A joy every year is meeting up with Mickey and Gordon in La Quinta … seems most November finds us walking the Santa Rosa Mountain paths, enjoying sunshine days by the pool and indulging in happy hours at Stuft Pizza!    My good friend Linda usually joins me as well but sadly, not this year!! A fun day exploring Joshua Tree … Mickey clicking away to capture all the interesting rock formations and joshua trees  …. Bid adieu to the Gibsons and booked a Tesla commute (a new service from Palm Springs) to the hectic pace of Los Angeles!  Met up with Sarah, Aliana and Oliver at the airport … Sarah attended the Airbnb Conference while the kids and I played … despite insane freeway traffic, we still managed to explore Santa Monica and Venice Beaches before and during the conference … gorgeous … makes the freeways tolerable!The Grand Finale for our California adventure???  Well Disneyland of course!! Rob and his mom Linda join us on the weekend to surprise Aliana and Oliver with their first Disney Day … I have a feeling it won’t be the last ๐Ÿ™‚   Good fun weekend!! … twenty five years (wow) since Brian and I took Sarah and Tim to experience Disney’s magic!  The crowds were crazy … but this may well be the norm now … after a great whirlwind month of friends, family and fun, the quiet of Kelowna was a welcome respite … resting up in preparation for the bustle of Christmas in Calgary at the Overmanns next month!