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Thanksgiving 2022


Thanksgiving this year was perhaps the first time in far too many years that I was with my birth family and all our various offspring and partners. There was “halina” to spare … a Finnish term that roughly translates to lots of commotion and party atmosphere 😂!

Dinner at King Taps by the lake with Sarah, Rob, Aliana and Oliver on their first day in Kelowna. Tim, Liseanne and their two dogs Wilma and Martha opted to stay at Jennifer and Steve’s for the weekend.

Brilliant sunset as we walked back from dinner.

A slightly larger gathering at my home the following night with both my kids and their entourage, Margaret and her troops. Fun getting together with family … there has been so little of it in these isolating covid years.

Aliana, Oliver and Penny opted for a picnic style dinner on the floor 😂

Thanksgiving festivities culminated in a grand finale at Jennifer and Steve’s lovely new home. It was a warm and welcoming gathering with over 20 of us sitting around various tables. Delicious turkey and potluck contributions from everyone …

Aliana Oliver and Penny … three peas in a pod 😊

Malachi is the tallest in the family now!
Wonder what they were checking out 😂
Cousins all hugging 😂

I share a bit of the history behind our Thanksgiving:

“During and after the American Revolution, American refugees who remained loyal to Great Britain moved from the newly independent United States to Canada. They brought the customs and practices of the American Thanksgiving to Canada, such as the turkey, pumpkin, and squash.

Celebrations involved spending time with family, feasting on earth’s bounty and religious services for many”

It had been a somewhat emotionally exhausting three days … I lead a fairly quiet life and at some point on Thanksgiving Day, I needed a few moments of quiet so I opted for a nap … 😂😴

But yes, all in all, feeling thankful for the revival of family connections, for sharing beautiful days together, nourishing meals, much laughter, camaraderie … all of it nourishing ‘soul food’ for body, mind and spirit. 🙏

Onward to winter winds …. A month later November 6th in Calgary … 😂