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Fall 2020


I have heard that creativity has flourished for many during this time in our history. It has been my intention to create some sort of ongoing record of these historic 2020 moments but inspiration rarely surfaces in these days when malaise can so easily set in. It has been months since I opened my journal/blog. What little creativity I may possess, seems to be on a very long break indeed 😂!! Hoping words flow today.

In many respects this unprecedented quiet time on our planet has been good for our spirits, allowing us to slow down and breathe deeply into life. Some of us may even have moved from struggle to grace during this challenging year. I don’t recall too many times in my life when I wasn’t rushing about, to and fro, getting caught up in the busyness. Perhaps one gift of the virus for many of us, is the shift into more peace and quiet … into the stillness within … being, over doing. Mixing it all up with good books, Netflix, varying kinds of meditations, a home yoga practice or walks along the lake for fresh air. All these both mindful and mindless distractions have helped bring texture and balance to life in this new viral environment.

I am a rebel by nature, so it comes as no surprise that at times, I am in conflict with some of what our government and health authorities are enforcing. Our freedoms appear to be slowly eroding as we are being told who and where we can interact with others, all for the sake of keeping everyone ‘safe’. The measures are contrary to my intuitive and common sense approach to life. However, I have had to shift my outlook many times during the last several months as I strive to understand the restrictions for the sake of the common good …. (these shifts in perspective coincide with the continuing stream of scientific contradictions that continue to surface as we learn more about the virus)! Throughout my life, I have often enjoyed, indeed been stimulated by and learned much from, ideological adversarial exchanges on important issues … exchanges there appears to be little room for in the current climate. Should one attempt to question the status quo on policies regarding covid online, we are either shut down by the media server or scolded and shamed by others. At times I shudder inwardly at the prevailing sanctimonious attitude of some. When did thinking through issues, doing our own research in addition to what we are spoon-fed through news networks and our governments become labeled as self centred, selfish??!! In a free society, thoughtful contemplation and introspection should be encouraged not shut down! We are not blind sheep. We have the right to question, reflect on, reason and ponder what we are told! Yes, I am well aware of the conspiracy theories that run rampant. A discerning cool head has to prevail when wading through the many podcasts that continue to pop up with ever increasing frequency. I try to keep an open mind when reading or watching some of the more credible ones.

There have, however, been days when it has been very hard to adhere blindly to whatever edict I am fed through the authorities. Although I am not a nurse, doctor or a scientist, I do possess a certain common sense intuitive approach to life, bolstered somewhat by extensive life experience on many fronts. I continue to learn and expand my knowledge base as much as possible. In many respects, the fear many are experiencing can be as insidiously damaging as the virus itself. From our very beginnings on this planet, we have been social beings. We needed to clump together for survival. That has not changed overly over thousands of years of human evolution. We still need each other! Many around our world have sadly lost loved ones to covid and more continue to become ill with this virus or complications from it. Many have passed from all manner of illness or old age during this pandemic. Often, because of the safety restrictions, they are left alone with no family allowed to comfort them as they pass on. This seems so wrong. British Columbia’s medical authority, Dr. Bonnie Henry wisely encourages us to lead lives of compassion, kindness, love and gratitude, as we navigate these unknown viral waters … spread the love far and wide particularly to everyone suffering. We try.

So … as we near our tenth month of isolation and imminent lockdowns, let’s remember that human contact can help keep us all mentally balanced. If we can’t assemble together in order to keep the vulnerable safe, we can still reach out, even if only via a smile of encouragement to those we pass by on our weekly jaunts to buy groceries. Our collective mental health can only benefit. Our eyes can still convey a smile even if we can’t share the full expression, muzzled as we are asked to be! Zoom, FaceTime, Texts, social media, phone calls are still allowed! Let’s all aim for some form of connection and share our love, compassion and kindness as best we can. When we falter, let’s pick each other up, not pick each other apart.

I have had the good fortune to enjoy some wonderful breaks from solo isolation in the last months within my family and friends social bubbles ❤️. Vancouver Island with a dear friend in September, family visits in both Calgary and Victoria in October and November. Soul food that continues to sustain me. I share pictures below.

Harbour House dinner with Georgia

September moments in time with Mickey, Madeline and Mickey’s grandchildren, Tiernan, Jay-Lynn and Georgia in Mill Bay and Victoria. Fresh air for the soul when we were still ‘allowed’ to share experiences in small groups. 🙏🏽

Early October I drive that old familiar highway between Kelowna and Calgary. The golden hues of fall soothe as I drive. Happy to be able to share a Canadian Thanksgiving with family. 🙏🏽

Tim, Liseanne and Wilma at the Peace Bridge in Calgary
Delicious turkey is served! Followed by a tasty Chocolate cake for dessert!
Thanksgiving October 2020 at Sarah and Rob’s with the family and neighbour bubble! Today as we approach the end of November with yet another round of social restrictions in place,
this kind of gathering would not be allowed 🙄!!
The kids built a snow family complete with a dog !!
Family picture day at Peace Bridge ❤️
My little love!
My other little love … enjoying a late fall game of golf!
tennis practice
Exploring French Beach, Vancouver Island
Out and about in Victoria shops
Royal BC Museum, Victoria

Loved my week with these two darlings and their mommy ❤️ … we managed to explore a bit of Victoria despite the rain which actually served to add to the overall coastal ambiance! The cabin at ‘Point No Point’ was a relaxing oceanside stay. West coast at its finest!

Our cozy cabin