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Christmas/New Years 2022 – 2023 Bustle in the Overmann Household


It’s been a soul nourishing time, this season of festivities, a substantial departure from my rather quiet life in Kelowna. There were lots of family meals, parties, school functions, Oliver’s 8th birthday party in the middle of the month was certainly celebrated in fun form at Westside Recreation Centre, the kids enjoying an afternoon of skating, swimming, eating cake 😂!

A Christmas luncheon and faire at Aliana and Oliver’s Waldorf school returned in full flight after a two year covid hiatus … the classrooms were decorated by troops of parent volunteers, students and teachers … they were decked out in fairy lights with various themes .. unfortunately school policy does not allow for pictures 🫤 … too bad! it was so magical and beautiful!

I tried to capture some of the moments for my journal. Not as quick on the draw these days with pictures … I tend to sink into the moments more often rather than documenting them 🙏

How is my darling Oliver 8 already???!!!
Aliana and friend Sophia at their drama class presentation for parents/grandparents!
The family gathers sans Tim who was still in Asia.

Rob takes us out for a delicious dinner at Hy’s … that great tradition!!

2022 Christmas family picture!
Another family shot
Aaaah the sauna! ❤️
Sarah thoughtfully arranges a typical Finnish Christmas experience … a portable wood fired sauna was delivered in front of their home to be enjoyed for 24 hours … surely this is as close to heaven for this Canadian whose very bones run more Finnish most days and certainly when presented with a gift of a sauna!
This is my happy place … no question!!
Good friends, these three ❤️❤️❤️
Rob and Jackson cook up their usual Christmas Eve feast! Andrew lends a helping hand 😊
Tim arrives back from Asia in time to host a festive and delicious grilled chicken dinner with Liseanne, sharing stories of his time in Thailand and Japan.

Christmas dinner was a quiet affair albeit delicious as always at the Overmann home, with only a handful of family around.

My darlings on Christmas morning ❤️❤️
Celebrated New Years with Linda, Court and Penny! We had thought a sleepover would be wise (it was!) No midnight champagne for us … we had it after dinner and I think we were all asleep by 10 pm 😂 … no more party animal longings lingering in any of us!
We woke up early, savouring our morning coffee, as we welcomed in January 1st!
Linda and I enjoyed flicking through her photo albums, reminiscing about the decades of New Years Eve parties at the Mackid home. More than a few tears surfaced as we viewed pictures of our much younger selves partying like there was no tomorrow … our wild woolly youthful selves on full display 😂
A young Chris, Jenn, Sarah and Tim, our children, joined us at Mackid’s one New years!!

2022 is now relegated into the history books. A new year, new experiences beckon. I sold my home of seven years … a surprisingly quick sale, taking less than a month for an offer … I had listed it prior to leaving for Calgary thinking it would take until the spring to sell … but it all happened so quickly!

Kelowna somehow never quite felt like a fit for me, despite making a valiant effort to try and make it so.

I have zero clue at this point what I will be doing in a few short months, or even where I will be living! A nomadic life holds great appeal as it always has but perhaps not so easy at this age where my knees are an issue I deal with daily 🫤. Brian used to say, my theme song should be Willie Nelson’s “On The Road Again” … still very appropriate even after all these years and varied life experiences! 😊

For perhaps the first time in my life, I have no plans, beyond the most elementary and necessary ones! Yes, it is an unfamiliar feeling, to be so devoid of a plan … but more importantly, it also feels strangely exhilarating! I am still drawn to explore this beautiful earth, even if I have to limp along while doing so. It will certainly be a different experience than my past adventures where I have hiked and biked the back country roads, hills and valleys in many countries but I am cool with what is and will adjust the sails accordingly!! Stay tuned 😊