Fall Hues 2016 … Kelowna, Calgary, Vancouver, Whistler …. so much beauty!  


How precious are the moments of our lives when we slow down enough to breathe them in.  Nothing brings this realization home so much as does  interacting with my grandchildren, Aliana and Oliver, when time almost ceases to exist … young children live in the moment almost all the time … they laugh and giggle more, play more, share their hugs and love with such ease!   Sharing fall experiences with them in Alberta and British Columbia was just plain beautiful in every way!   

Back at Kitsilano Beach ❤️

A birthday lunch for Margaret !  Sisters celebrate at Eldorado in Kelowna!  

Hanging out with uncle Timmy and grandpa in Calgary selfie fun …Hiking Whistler Trails Oliver and Aliana mesmerized at the Vancouver Aquarium 

An afternoon Calgary hike with Auntie Lisa, cousins Brooklyn, Ethan and Addison 

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