Summer Memories 2016


I have remained a nomadic sort these past months, despite having a condo in Kelowna to hang my hat.  At times, I feel it is little more than a glorified storage bin for ‘stuff’ collected over the decades .. stuff I may feel mildly nostalgic towards but surprisingly not as attached to as when I unpacked months ago 😙!!  Perhaps it is a natural evolution as we grow older for some of us … we are less attached to our nests and the ridiculous amount of  ‘stuff’ we acquire in these Western countries.  Life becomes more about the moments and experiences we share with those we love, and in my instance, also volunteering around the world and connecting with people of all different cultures …. it is all good and warms the heart immeasurably!  Much as I adore the decadent comfort of sleeping on my new king bed with it’s glorious Egyptian cotton sheets … I continue to yearn for the open road after a week of creature comforts!  The nomadic mindset continues its relentless hold over me.

 When I am at my daughter Sarah’s home, my days are often full, lending a helping hand with all manner of household chores while caring for one year old Oliver and five year old Aliana … they are surely the darlings of my life but at age 64, I fully recognize the need for quiet and solitude at the end of a day … not even remotely possible with Aliana who is a perpetual night owl and ‘charms’ me with her night time scenarios and rituals every night :)!  A week or three to myself by September was in order 🙂 … time to get back to a bit of solitary time and the rhythms that sustain me … daily meditation, restorative yoga and long leisurely walks … posting poignantly precious summer memories and moments with family and friends … my blog does double duty and has become my modern day photo album … who prints pictures anymore??  Cannot believe that for years I actually scrapbooked 🙂 !!! 

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