Mexican Moments and Musings


My wandering ways continue … met up with Mickey and Gordon in Nuevo Vallarta at a beautiful condo Gordon had arranged.   I cannot believe I barely took a photo there!!  It was a lovely place to share good times with my oldest friends.  Gone are the days of lugging a camera around everywhere I guess …

For my first week in Mexico, after leaving Calgary’s unusually balmy winter behind, I crashed at a small hotel some kms from PV on a peaceful little bay, enjoying some welcome quiet time, away from the congestion of PV ….. I basically slept, meditated, beach walked, swam, attempted yoga postures, read a few books, sipped countless margaritas, savoured fresh grilled fish, quacamole, salsa, mangoes!!  I love Mexico, with its myriad of flavours and layers! ….. as Mexico is one of the most family oriented cultures anywhere …… Mexicans are always curious about my times in solo travel mode … but bless their hearts, they are generally kind and very willing to include me in their worlds, despite my limited Spanish, although I do continue to improve in that departmento.   Perhaps they simply embrace my overall enthusiasm and attempts at Spanish!   A sense of humour and honest intentions go a long way in any culture.

Mickey and Gordon introduced friends Doug and Ken, snowbirds who live in action packed old town Puerto Vallarta, escaping the rainy Vancouver winter months … two great guys … so authentic, so unpretentious, so much fun!  Enjoyed many laughs and meals together, in lively PV.  Met up one day with old Springbank neighbours, Myrnalynn and Russ for a beautiful sunset on their patio in Nuevo, followed by another delicious grilled fresh fish dinner at the marina in nearby Santa Cruz …. always a welcome joy to meet up with friends old and new, during my travels.  

Ventured into San Pancho on another day, to meet up with Diana and Rob, friends of my younger sister Margaret.   I met them decades ago in Kelowna and still remember how we instantly clicked … despite far too many years since we had tied up for a visit, it was as though no time had passed at all!  They have a charming casa in San Pancho, their home for five or six months every year … loved walking the streets of a small Mexican town, pretty much devoid of the rampant tourism that Mexico is so well known for.  It appeared from the constant stream of greetings and street side hugs, that Diana and Rob know everyone in town!!  

San Pancho is a small town of friendly Mexicans and a handful of Canadian. and American snowbirds. Diana showed us the work she was and still is involved in, helping build a community centre for San Pancho from an abandoned mango bodega … comprised primarily of recycled products!!   Enjoyed a sunset margarita, ceviche and various other delicioso treats on the beach before taxiing back to Nuevo Vallarta, an hour away … was loathe to leave … SP, it would appear, is my speed 🙂

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