Of Roots and Wings


Life is full of ironies … Little did I know that in the space of one summer, while reconnecting with my rural Finnish roots, I would soon be scrubbing off rusty wings as well. My husband and I had been trying to sell our house for a few years … having decided there is simply no need for two people to rumble around in such a big house … well, our home sold shortly after my arrival from Finland …. leaving us a month to pack up a household …. hmmm …. hardly a fun month given that I have become quite methodical, preferring a puttering meditative pace to my days. As we are both in the process of deciding where to hang our hats at the moment and given this may take us awhile, we opted to put all those mountains of boxes into storage!

Removal of the myriad of comforts a home provides, leaves a somewhat discomforting unfamiliar feeling of disconnection …. in it’s wake, an equally unfamiliar feeling of lightness is slowly emerging …. Strangely, I have eased into the uncertainty, with no burning desire to establish a new nest in the immediate future … the nesting instinct appears to have been temporarily replaced by a strong urge to continue the semi nomadic existence I have toyed with in recent years. This is rather surprising, given it is in direct conflict with my love of family and desire to enjoy time around my children and grandchild … hmmm ‘grandchildren’ in another month 😊 …. Aaah, the duality of life … yin and yang … roots and wings …. uncharted territory certainly but meandering and winging my way, confident that a fine balance will prevail.

I am well aware my actions and choices or lack thereof, are somewhat confusing for both friends and family, but I have always known I dance to a different drummer than most. I am taking time to breathe ….








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