Return to Maui 2014


Hardly seems possible that it has been over four years since I last walked these Mauian sandy shores with Mickey and Gordon! Life is just a series of fleeting moments really, that end far too soon. Nothing brings that home so much as realizing the once seemingly illusive sixties have arrived …. do I feel mature, wise, content, happy, sad …. stupid :)?? ….. all of the above of course, at various times. I do know I am more content to just ‘BE’ than I ever have … and I DO linger longer … in fact, I rarely hurry with anything any more …. even traffic jams have become only mildly annoying … certainly put to the test yesterday, driving Sarah and Aliana to the airport!! … Hawaiian Roadworks, as it turned out and we barely made the 45 minute check in cut off …. we had left the North end giving ourselves a good hour and a half leeway but make it we did and Sarah and Aliana are undoubtedly enjoying Vancouver’s spring conditions as I sit on my lanai, iPad in hand, enjoying the sea breeze and sunshine, soaking in the peaceful serenity of Kahana Village …. saw our resident turtle swimming with a partner early this morning …. just so much beauty here and so much of it, gifts of nature.

It was not a planned ‘girl’s holiday’ …. but as Rob was unable to come due to work issues, it ended up being a nice little break for the three of us regardless. We adjusted admirably 🙂 …. I am sure Sarah would have preferred her husband and Aliana, her daddy …. but …. they got the consolation prize …. Me:) !! ….. fun days exploring beaches, building endless castles, watching turtles and whales, or a washed up seal, savouring delicious papaya or a mango flavoured shaved ice …. Sarah goggled and found the one place in Maui that uses only fresh fruit as their base … not just sugary syrup …. delicious! Sarah also located the one place on the island that served cold pressed fresh veggie juices …. and probiotic boosters …. we felt sinfully healthy although flu bug did still hit albeit made but a brief visit thanks in part to finding these health boosters I’m sure 🙂 ….

As I look around me, I breathe deeply, always amazed, always thankful for the beauty that surrounds me wherever I find myself. Inner peace may come from within but oh my, the outer beauty of nature is surely a facilitator of the highest order! Mahalo















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