Winter Winds …


A quiet low key Christmas and New Years for the Webbs and Overmanns at Sarah and Rob’s home in Kitsilano, was as warm and peaceful a way as I can think of to end 2013 … all proceeded by a few days of boarding and skiing at Whistler/Blackcombe, where my nephew Jordan joined us all for a few days … (while the rest hit the slopes, Aliana and I played in the snow) … totally at peace with that, given the creaky protests from my knees when contemplating downhill skiing … forty plus years was enough I suppose ….. perhaps time to reacquaint myself with cross country skiing as a winter sport ….. seems to me I enjoyed it at one point! My trusty old Luminex seems to be as temperamental as a two year old toddler lately … so pictures are rare …. considering my recent resolve to enjoy and savour the moments more and photograph less, this could be a good thing 🙂 … although, dropping it in the sands of India a few years ago, causing irreparable damage was possibly the catalyst for that resolve 🙂 … in recent years, the experience of looking at life through a lens too often, leaves me feeling disconnected on some level … still, pictures sure do allow for some great experience recall ….. as always …. torn! Managed to capture some poignant family moments, however, with Sarah’s camera …. snowmen, sand castles, Aliana’s Christmas cookies 🙂 …. 2013 takes a bow and makes a quiet exit.
















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