A week in Punta Cana


Another destination wedding was certainly the reason for our week in the warmth of the Caribbean but by no means the only reason ….. It is just so freeing, so cool and bohemian to run around barefoot or, at the very most, in flip flops all day 🙂 …. clad in a swim suit or the lightest of clothing, basking in the sun’s healthy rays, refreshing my vitamin D storage tank … I swam daily, explored Bavaro Beach with Sarah and Aliana and filled up on a daily feast of freshly squeezed watermelon, mango, papaya and pineapple juices, delicious passionfruit, grilled fresh grouper …. yumm …. yes, all great reasons to head south to the Dominican Republic on a chilly January morning! …. And a beautiful wedding to boot !!

It was a busy party week for Stacey and Craig Adolph …. a sweet, well suited couple … it is obvious both picked the long straw in partners …. loving, kind, caring and attentive …. they were a total delight to be around … a fun week of socializing with the Adolph family and friends! The wedding …. lovely …. the vows spoken with refreshingly definitive strength …. there was no wavering …

What I enjoyed the most? …. no contest … being around Aliana of course! … she fell in love with the sea and beach … we could not keep her away! Aliana was Stacey’s flower girl at the wedding, proudly carrying her little basket of rose petals, but loathe to drop any of them …. she is so very heart bracingly sweet natured! Sarah continues on her journey as an awesome enthusiastic mom …. it is so much fun to watch her share her love of the tropics with Aliana …. never tiring of running after her on the beach, gently introducing her to the force of the tides, playing with sand toys, digging in sand drifts … I do believe Sarah even managed to lasso Rob to join her on a few beach walks with Aliana … a miracle in itself, as it is not an understatement, just simple fact, that Rob is not much … ummmm … into physical activity …. Sarah on the other hand (they are total opposites in this regard), loves sports and physical pursuits of just about any kind ….. it is apparent that these two apples do not fall far from their respective genetic trees 🙂

So, yes, all in all, despite a few blips and blops, a most welcome respite from winter.

















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