Day one in Barlad or Birlad … Both names acceptable


Great day overall enjoying unseasonably warm weather in Romania …. High twenties … Do not think I will need a polar fleece here, unlike Calgary in April! I have posted some pictures taken this morning around my hotel … views from my balcony as well. Mihaela and her charming 8 year old daughter, Delia, picked me up from the Occident late morning … We enjoyed an ice frappachino at a great Italian spot in town, cooling off before tootling around town, Mihaela pointing out local spots including the hospital where I will be working. Mentally I was not quite prepared to meet the babies and was not aware I would be, but meet them I did, albeit briefly, as well as the nurses I will be working alongside with Mihaela and Dan. They are all abandoned babies with varying disabilities … The mothers, too often young girls, some as young as twelve, with no where to turn for help with a pregnancy, never mind a new life to deal with. Sadly, poverty as always, is a mitigating factor with this situation in Romania, as it indeed can be anywhere. Little Delia (not Mihaela’s daughter) has only one leg and no other limbs … She has been with them since birth and is now exactly one year and one month!! I have no idea how this will pan out with me emotionally but I rarely walk away from a challenge, particularly when children are involved …. I think I am still reeling somewhat as I have never really spent time around babies with no mommies or daddies to love them ….. Must harness this sadness somehow and turn it into a positive experience for the wee ones ….. Mihaela joined me for quick dinner and we opted to call it an early night …. Tomorrow ….. A new day begins.







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  1. Good luck tomorrow with the little ones and remember that some love, even briefly, is better than no love at all. Miss you here, we had a family pizza night tonight with dad, Tim, marg and Jen. Aliana began doing a funny crawl on her hands and feet!

  2. Good luck tomorrow and remember that a brief bit of love is better than experiencing no love at all. We miss You and hope all is well. Had a family pizza night tonight and Aliana is now doing a funny crab walk crawl!

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