Summer 2022 Winds Down


August kicked off with the Hawaiian themed wedding of my dear friend Mickey’s son Rod, who I have known since he was a wee toddler. It was a special weekend, full of celebratory joy and much laughter and love. Feeling honoured to have been treated as a valued ‘family member’ 🙏.

Melanie and Michelle, beaming under the rainbow
Beautiful ceremony in the acreage gardens of Rod’s partner Lyle’s family homestead in Vernon, B.C.
Rehearsal dinner

Two old buddies celebrating!!

Leaving behind the Okanagan heat for the refreshingly cooler coastal breezes of Victoria was a welcome way to finish off summer. My sister Margaret, Mickey and I hit the highway from the Okanagan, dropping Mickey off at her home in Surrey, where we ‘camped’ out for the night in her master bedroom. Felt like royalty! Margaret and I continued on early next morning, joining up with Sarah et al later that day. Our August home in the James Bay area, was a tiny charming carriage house on Government Street behind the parliament building … apparently the oldest street in Canada, west of the Rockies. We nestled into the cozy space and made it our home for the rest of August.

Early afternoons found me driving my grandkids to their sailing lessons for a few weeks, allowing for much quiet reflective time by the ocean in the afternoons. It is one of my favourite places in British Columbia … the coastal area at Oak Bay, to take in the always stunning views along Dallas Road and onward to the scenic Beach Road towards Oak Bay and the Victoria Yacht Club. The daily oceanside breeze was a refreshing respite from the intense heat of the Okanagan. I would often stop at a seaside driftwood bench with a good book, coffee in hand and quietly marvel at the variety of beautiful vistas in our country … East coast to West coast, I have been fortunate to trek through so much of it. Feeling grateful 🙏

The oldest corner store in Victoria, The Birdcage … a block from our house … kids liked to head there for a treat … we grandmas tend to spoil a bit 😊
Exploring a park outside Victoria
Oliver walks on water 😂
So apparently does Aliana 😂
Sailing classes

Sarah, Rob, Aliana, Oliver and I explored our renowned Canadian artist Emily Carr’s early home, now a museum, a mere few blocks from our carriage house. I remain astounded in how little I knew about her life. She was such an independent woman for any era, never mind hers! It would truly have been an honour to have met her! Parts of me definitely resonated with her unusual spirit. To learn more about her life and her art, I picked up a few books from the museum and have now been devouring them!

Oliver our guide 😊
Emily Carr apparently loved solo wilderness camping in this tent trailer and did so frequently with all her animals in tow
Carr Gardens
Statue of Emily Carr in front of the Empress with her ubiquitous pet monkey perched on her shoulders

Sarah flew the kids home to Calgary early, leaving me with a few days on my own at the end of August. Sarah’s dog Dexter was left behind to keep me company until Sarah returned on the weekend. Dex and I explored the historic streets in the early morning hours … it has been almost twenty years since I have been woken up by a furry four legged family member! Little bossy boy Dexter nudged me awake shortly after sunrise every day … a return to early morning risings once again 😂


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