Fall and Winter 2021 into 2022 Blog Catch-Up … Overdue 🙄


Nothing short of pure laziness has stopped me from updating my journal … my blog … my life documentation of sorts. I do like to keep it up, if only to refer to it every once in awhile, to see where I am at, or more appropriately, where I have been, both geographically and internally. It’s a senior memory thing at play 🙄!

Fall pictorial moments into Christmas and January …. my lazy lady style of blog update 😂

Fall hikes in the mountains

For the most part throughout this historical covid period, I have been living in a state of zen like calm, challenged intermittently when I travel to my daughter’s very busy household 😂. Geographically, my travels have consisted of frequent trips to Calgary and Victoria to offer a helping hand to Sarah when needed. I have termed my life these past two years as “Feast to Famine’ … from the busyness of my daughter’s home … (was I also like this in my thirties and forties??!! … an unequivocal yes 😂 !! … they are typically the busy decades when raising a family, juggling work and life in general) … to the monastic quiet lifestyle of my home in Kelowna where I return to refuel, to slow down, breathe deeply, regain a sense of gratitude for all that life has brought my way. 🙏

Celebrating my best friend Linda’s 70th birthday at Bonavista Lake House
Grandpa Brian enjoying our little darlings 😊
Uncle Timmy’s handful of love ❤️❤️
After a tasty dinner at Hy’s
A Christmas cabin weekend at Baker Creek
Cheers from the cozy Baker Creek cabin!
Two buddies ❤️❤️
Family Christmas party at Bob and Sandra’s … Justin masterfully entertained the little ones ❤️
Cousins at the Cullen’s Christmas Wonderland
Family gathered for Christmas cheer and gift exchange
Some wine perhaps 😊
Christmas Day at Lisa and Rick’s
Sarah brings in a portable sauna … who knew this was available??!! Loved it!
The kids did too 😊
Oliver’s birthday party …

And just like that, Oliver is now 7 😊

Christmas morning pancakes and board games at Tim and Liseanne’s

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