Zipolite – January, 2020


And so a new year, indeed a new decade begins. Hola 2020! January 1st, Linda and I meet at the airport, catch an early morning flight – Calgary to Huatalco, Oaxaca … and onward via an hour long cab ride to Zipolite! Linda had never travelled to Mexico and was keen to stay at a condo offered to us by a friend of hers … so onward ho to our second global adventure together! Monarca, an 18 suite condo project smack in the middle of the only ‘legal’ nude beach in all of Mexico! A nude beach in this Catholic country ??? 🙄. Say what??!!

It was not tucked away discreetly in a remote part of the beach area, as we had thought, but ran the entire almost two kilometres of beach! Took a few days to become accustomed to bare bums and various other body parts, fully displayed in all their free flying glory!

So after a few days of visual adjustment, the sleepy, zen like ambiance of Zipolite took hold of both Linda and I. There is a relaxing bohemian vibe to this wee Oaxaca town, drawing both young and not so young from all over the world. On daily walks through this primarily one street town, cannabis smoke wafts through the air.

Oaxaca is, by and large, the most ethnically complex of Mexico’s thirty-one states. Oaxaca is the historic home of the indigenous Zapotec and Mixtec peoples.

At least half of the population of Oaxaca still speaks an indigenous dialect! Sixteen different groups have been formally registered as indigenous communities, defined through dialect, customs, food habits, clothing, artistic beadwork, embroidery, rituals. By all accounts, most are gentle, helpful and kind to all of us foreigners invading their turf. Of course as tourism helps keep most everyone employed it becomes a circle of reciprocity. The history of this state intrigues .. onward with some research!

No surprise running into two Finlanders one evening. Seems wherever I travel, I run into someone who is from Finland!! Be it in such far flung unusual places as Pune, Dubai, Quito, Ulaanbaatar, or parts in between throughout Europe and Asia, Finns are out there exploring the world! So why not add tiny town Zipolite into the mix??! I imagine my own gypsy tendencies could well be a cultural heritage 😂

Sunrise to sunset …. papaya juices to margaritas, Linda and I indulge ❤️

Morning view from our patio ❤️

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  1. Thanks for your sharing with us your stay in Zipolite. I would like to hear more about the Monarca as I am interested in buying à condo. Is it a good place to stay, quiet? Clean? Everything you want to share is welcome.

  2. Monarca is a nice quiet very clean, well managed condo development right on the beach with its own beautiful pool … a definite plus. The units are all slightly different in that owners furnished units themselves. Floor plans are all fairly similar. Most units are owned by Canadians but some rent out as well to family and friends. I would suggest you rent first before deciding to purchase. Zipolite is a small town with a unique vibe. Does not appeal to everyone. I personally loved it! Because of the pandemic, Monarch owners have decided to hold off rentals for the time being and only owners are returning. They will review the policy in early 2021 and see where this pandemic is going. I hope you enjoy the place when you do go. Cheers.

    • Thanks for th info. I know Zipolite as I have been there a few times. The concern I have with the Monarca is that it is just beside the bar on the beach where the music is loud except on one or two nights a week. Was that a problem for you?

      • Oh yes, of course I do now remember the music from bar to the left! … seems it was loud only a few nights a week. One time they played music until the wee hours but in general not. I stayed a month so perhaps I got used to it because I don’t recall getting overly annoyed. I am yearning to go back so it couldn’t have been a big enough issue for me.

  3. Thanks for the great review. Do you have any contact information for this condo so that I could enquire about renting one of the units for next Jan and Feb?

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