California Dreaming … A Return to Desert Serenity


Mickey and I decided early this spring, shortly after Gordon’s passing, to return to La Quinta for our first trip together sans Gordon. A quiet kind of tribute journey … the three musketeers reduced to two. Our time here is short and although poignancy may hang in the air, we are still both buoyant with humour as we revive memories of our early years of friendship and the many global travels we shared over the decades. An early morning sunrise walk in the peaceful Santa Rosa Mountains soothes our souls …

There are many precious memories to savour as we reminisce, walking along these well worn trails or hopping around the boulders of Joshua Tree National Park. Mickey never ceases to crack me up … her sense of humour remains contagious 😂. When we arrived at the car rental booth at Palm Springs airport, for some reason, we were given a teenage boy’s dream car, a turbocharged black Dodge Charger!! Mickey in quick order, dubbed this our ‘Thelma and Louise’ adventure … set us off chuckling as we revved the engine, leaving other cars in a pouf of desert sand …. ok not quite 😂 … The novelty of driving this clamorous muscle car had faded by the next morning! We turned it back in to an astonished young clerk who couldn’t fathom anyone trading in his dream car for a Jetta 😂!!! We figured a few men might relish reliving their teenage years in this vehicle more than we ever would 🤪.

We toast Gordon often, sipping his favourite sauvignon blanc at the various desert happy hours in La Quinta, Joshua Tree or Palm Desert.

La Quinta has long been our Webb family favourite for golf getaways or short winter breaks at the PGA Residence Club villa … memorable holidays were enjoyed over many years with both extended family and friends often invited to join us. Although we sold our interest in the villa a few years ago, I was happy to return to the comforting soothing desert ambiance ….

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