Nature Bathing


My first week at Osho has been a surreal week in many respects. It has been awhile since I have been around such an international community of people. We flock here from all walks of life with, by all accounts, a common goal … become better global citizens, more aware of ourselves and others as we move about our lives, aiming for compassion, kindness and love in all our interactions … a lofty goal … easy to adhere to in a controlled Ashram atmosphere … harder when back in the so called ‘real’ worldπŸ˜—. Indian nationals understandably constitute at least a third of all residents, followed by Europeans … Germany comprising a good portion of the European contingent, but Finland, Sweden, Norway, Romania, Czech Republic, Italy, Spain, France, Israel, Canada, America, China, Korea, Japan, Iran, Fiji, Australia, Britain, Ireland, Wales are all represented! Yes, certainly international participation permeates the Ashram.

The energy generated by a crowd of like minded individuals meditating and dancing in the pyramid auditorium is so strong and powerful that it literally blows me away! A very intense and internally moving experience. After a number of days, I sensed a personal need for space, for balance away from the group dynamics and energy.

As such, I got up very early one morning and decide to skip the scheduled dynamic meditation and instead opt for a walk through Teerth Park. Technically it is an extension of Osho Ashram grounds but really more an extension of Koregaon Park itself which surrounds the Ashram grounds.

The quiet in the early morning hours is broken only by birdsong. So peaceful. Surprisingly, and I must say, thankfully so, I see no one else strolling in the park! I was told to keep an eye out for snakes by the gate guard, but see none … too early for them as well perhaps. It was an undeniable pleasure to be on actual dirt walking paths!

There is virtually not a speck of earth on the Ashram walkways that is not covered in concrete tile, granite or marble including the interior of all the meditation buildings and guest houses. The appearance is certainly lovely and zen like, and cool marble is heavenly in bare feet. Undoubtedly the maintenance and cleaning is substantially easier …. but dancing, standing, sitting and walking on such hard surfaces for a week has taken a bit of a toll on my body … this walk through nature is a delightful and welcome respite and my knees are literally dancing with joy, thanking me with every step πŸ™. Discovering a bench along the way, I walk over, settle quietly and surround myself in nature’s music, nature’s healing ambiance ….

Osho statue in the park …. perhaps he is watching me from the spirit world and is surely chuckling as I break rules and take photos … I like to think he would approve 😊

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