Thanksgiving 2018 .. October Moments with Family


Fall’s orange and yellow hues were not quite yet in full ‘bloom’ as I drove through the Rockies towards Calgary. What was unexpected however was the early very heavy record breaking snowfall a few days later … wow … 😲

Mother Nature’s snow dump made for some interesting days … mostly spent shovelling and attempting to dig my car out from under a few feet of snow …. it kept snowing for days! No sooner had we cleared a path, than it would once again disappear! Being Canadian, we learned to go with the flow … errrrr … snow 😂!!

Also made for a wintry white family weekend in Kananaskis …. I personally love being in the mountains any season … the snow and piercingly stunning blue skies created a magical landscape!

Love time with family ❤️

A beautiful weekend followed by Thanksgiving dinner at Sarah and Rob’s where we were treated to both a roast turkey and a smoked turkey! Rob and his brother Jackson were the ‘turkey chefs extraordinaire’! A most delicious feast indeed!

Never keen to leave these munchkins and no sooner do I arrive back in Kelowna, than I find myself missing them 😙 Yes, children grow up so fast and no where is it more noticeable than in the lives of grandparents who are well versed in the quickening trajectory of our lives ….

Fall is certainly in full bloom in Kelowna!

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