Friends and Family … Fall Moments 2017


It is a truism that life can speed up as we age. Who does not remember a childhood where days stretched endlessly and seemingly moved along at a snail’s pace? With every decade that followed, the speed dial increased.   It is only with my ever growing interest and participation in meditation and mindfulness that I have, if not exactly slowed the dial back to a snail’s pace, I have certainly managed to stop and savour moments, linger longer, breathing in, slowing down, appreciating more, judging less.  Where once judgmental moments could erupt all too frequently, they have become increasingly rare.  The consequences of a harshly critical childhood left many scars that have taken me most of my adult life to soothe and heal.  The scars have faded over time into barely discernible lines.  I realize they were part of the whole, stepping stones that helped forge the person I am today … a far from perfect human being, but certainly a kinder more compassionate one.   Yes, fall remains my favourite season …. a time for settling in with a warm bowl of hearty soup and enjoying the reflections that flow.A fun afternoon with Gablecraft Social Committee at Vibrant Vines

A fun week in Mill Bay and Victoria with Mickey and Gordon, Tiernan and Jaylene, Georgia and Connor ❤️Good fall fun time in Calgary with family … caught Aliana in a mid air jump in her Taekwando class! Oliver reads to his babies!  A gorgeous fall day hike to Grassi Lakes ❤️. Love fall!!

Thanksgiving moments at Sarah and Rob’s

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