Female Energy …. The Magic of San Miguel




It is apparent from the very first time an expat or tourist walks the narrow cobbly streets and sidewalks of San Miguel, that there is a preponderance of American and Canadian women over men in this city and women of a certain age particularly … retirees primarily, enjoying a new focus in life.   They have raised their families, been married for decades and find themselves now widowed, divorced, or perhaps have always enjoyed a solo lifestyle  … the fact remains that women generally outlive men!   As San Miguel has an overall artistic vibe, for many, a new focus surfaces via artistic endeavours, be it photography, writing, painting, composing music or simply living a life of grace, which can often seem like artistic expression in itself.  There are many who get involved in giving back to the Mexican society in some format, a country that so generously welcomes gringos into their midst.  We are a scattering amongst the indigenous Mexicans who are indeed the rightful residents of Mexico and the rural folk that come in every morning to work the shops, the restaurants, to purchase goods, sell their goods or sit a spell in the town square, the Jardin.  It is a pleasant mix of people and one immediately feels comfortable … many define it as the magic that pervades the air of San Miguel.  I have attempted to define the draw, yet fail to do so.  Instead, in an increasingly zen like state, I just accept the comfort that washes over me here and wander about, savouring the ambiance.  There is an abundance of informative, interesting lectures and conversations at local theatres, musical events, plays, movies, parties, luncheons.  

Yesterday, Bev and I attended an entertaining fundraiser … the entertainment consisted of a short comedic play, a book reading, a story shared of an ordinary/extraordinary life, complemented by a most delicious luncheon, all cooked, served and hosted by ‘Mujeres en Cambio’, a dedicated group of women invested in helping young San Miguel girls receive an education via scholarship funds.  It is a joy to attend so many interesting, stimulating, heart warming events here in such a short time period!  The mild weather of course, makes everything very conducive to do so.  We walk everywhere and the distances to functions are never more than a ten or fifteen minute walk away.  Many come here to learn Spanish. I take a few beginner classes at the library … a slow go for me but I remain content to pick up a word here and there every year … seems hurrying is not my thing much anymore.



An evening of music with friends at Los Milagros across from the Jardin and the always stunningly beautiful  Parroquia 

  A group of us enjoyed a fabulous musical afternoon in the countryside a few weeks ago at ‘Zandunga’ …. translates as ‘celebration of life, full of grace’ and so it was.  Gil Gutierrez and his Media Luna band entertained as we dined and danced, sipping and savouring the ubiquitous margaritas.  






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  1. So glad you’re having so much fun! Wish I could fly on the back of a bird to suddenly appear in San Miguel! Hugs…..

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