A Cold Winters Day 


Viewing my daughter and son’s cycling pictures as the troops meander their way through the vineyards of Chile relieves the chill in my bones somewhat, albeit a vicarious relief.   Strangely enough, I am actually enjoying this cold blast of winter.   It provides a winter white, quiet kind of hibernating attitude to surface that I am very comfortable exploring … inner travel.  

The imminent move to Kelowna and the myriad of work and organization that it entails, looms not far from my thoughts.  Waunderlust freak that I am,  a big part of me just wants to lock the door to the storage bin, head for the hills of Mexico or Vietnam, or India or parts unknown anywhere and remain a nomad the rest of my days.  Aaah, then that teeny tiny sensible part that never quite wants for anything but the comforts of a stable life, dares to  whisper … ‘time to have a nest of sorts again Seija’.   Hmmmf!   My plan of course is yes, organize but take off shortly after.  I hope I never loose that sense of wonder … that part of me that just wants to fly free and see what is around the bend on an unknown road or path.  Travel is something I never got over, never once have I said, ‘well, I have walked and explored so many countries, time to settle down’!   Nope … not me!!   As the world grows ever more connected in this cyber era … it is much easier to research travel options …. one is limited only by ones own imagination.   So on this cold winter day,  I ponder possibilities ….



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  1. Oh my wandering friend . . . The pictures posted with your thoughts were spot on!! I love the way you write and I know there is a book in you! Your blogs would be a great starting point. I think there are lots of people out there that would be interested and would learn from your stories of travelling the world and discovering yourself and the kindness inherent in so many humans, no matter where they may live! May you journey long….

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