Turquoise Turks & Caicos … 


What a wonderful way to finish off winter 2015 …. meeting up with Sarah, Rob, Aliana and Oliver on this beautiful island on the outskirts of the Caribbean Sea!  

I had hoped this would be my year to leave Calgary’s winter behind …. and I just about made it!  … The handful of months has been superb, despite missing family!  Such a joy to have Aliana jump in my arms when I arrived in Providenciales on this far flung Turks and Caicos island … she whispered as we hugged … “grandma, I have missed you so much”!  Warms the heart!  Little Oliver has grown so much in the two months since I last held him … smiles and chuckles now every time I “chat” with him …. wonderful to be around these two munchkins again!  

What continues to overwhelm, even after a few weeks here, are the stunning turquoise waters that are the defining feature of this windswept island.  We never cease to marvel at the view outside our condo window every morning when we wake.  Simply takes ones breath away.   I immerse myself and savour its beauty daily on a leisurely swim.  Sarah takes Aliana out for kayak and paddle board time on the water while I care for Oliver, who at four months, still naps several times a day …. good peaceful family time overall, interrupted only occasionally by Aliana’s temperamental moments, which were a rather surprising, new, ummm, not so very pleasant development for me to experience 🙂 …. I left a charming toddler in early February to find a willful little tyrant had replaced the charmer 🙂 …… always easy for a grandma to laugh her way through the ages and stages of a child …. watching grandchildren develop and grow surely must be one of life’s underrated joys …. trying to capture some of that via these pictures …. which of course, never quite does the experience justice … 




 but is my valiant attempt at any rate …



Rob even gets into the spirit of the water 🙂     Not so sure about this beading business …..  Island Fish Fry night ….          Aliana gets into grandma’s bead patch!    zzzzzzzzzzz …..      

 They fit grandma!                 

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  1. Very nice. Those kid lets sure have grown. Looks like a fun place to visit. Thank-you Seija.

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  2. Seija, your pics are awesome. There are sooooo many that I absolutely love, but the beach ones and grandma’s beads are the best. Miss you my friend!

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