Birthday celebrations


It appears May is a rather auspicious month for birthdays in our family.

O It was my sister Anja’s on May 1st

O my own and my nephew Michael’s both on May 4th

O niece Jennifer’s May 5th

O our son Tim’s May 13th, which we were thankfully also able to celebrate before I left for Ecuador!

O close family friends, but really, more like extended family, Gary Dawe May 16th and his wife Jennifer, May 20th who …. I have to report this …. I am so excited!! ….. will be adding a November birthday into our family mix! Jennifer’s dad Al, our long time good friend, and his lady Mary, were on hand for the celebrations!! Yes, a baby is on the way!! Wow … seems only yesterday, two six year old little girls were playing dress up games in our playroom in Dalhousie …. flash forward 25 years and here they are, mommy and mommy to be! Hurray …. get to cuddle and snuggle with a newborn again in six months!

O my good friends, but again, more like family to me, Linda and Court’s daughter Jennifer is
May 14th

O Teresa Gauss, my sister Maija’s mother-in-law celebrated her 90th birthday on May 14th!!!

O my sister Raija May 21st

O niece Kellie May 26th

O my Dad’s was May 28th ……

Whew!!! …. but loving all the birthday celebration dinners this month 🙂 We also added Sarah’s June 25th birthday into the celebrating as I will be away.

Aliana and I head to the river to explore and throw rocks and such after dinner …. 22 month olds and restaurants …… hmmmmm, somewhat incompatible after an hour or so 🙂 hence the little walk outside River Cafe! Aliana apparently dressed herself for dinner … independence, it would appear, comes early 🙂 …. current favourites are pink lace leggings and tutu, gifts from her nana Overmann, enhanced further with rubber boots and favourite colourful hoodie!! ….. no such thing as an ordinary dress and shoes for our Aliana!
















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