Carpe Diem!


At times, I seem to conveniently forget how many winter storms hit Calgary before spring finally makes it’s timid first appearance and so it was, that within a few short hours of arrival back from sunny warm La Quinta, I find myself wading through 25 centimetres of freshly fallen snow on Sunday morning. Our yard here in rural Calgary, resembles a fairy tale winter wonderland that can still thrill the child within. The driving on icy roads, not so much …..

Great to indulge in a mini family reunion last evening with Brian and Tim …. we meet up at Sarah and Rob’s, a good central location for everyone, given the state of the roads …. no one wanted to drive on highway 8 to our place but in all fairness, the ploughs did not clear it til late in the day …. took me ages to drive a mere 15 minute commute in the truck, breaking trail a good part of the time ! Tim shared interesting stories of his adventures and observations of Australia ….. watching the finale to his two month journey, a video of a tandem parachute jump had my heart racing …

It was awesome to have him home again and hear the stories firsthand rather than via facebook postings. The evening, however, was sadly coloured by the news of the loss of a friend of Tim’s to cancer a few days after Tim’s arrival home. Life is such a gift and nothing brings that closer to home, reminding us to savour and embrace the moments, love each other, don’t sweat the small stuff …. what offends and riles people never ceases to amaze me, given the serious stuff in our world to get one’s self all worked up about ….. and to really ‘live’ our lives. Zak was taken too early, in the prime of his life, just starting out really, an adventurous, athletic, free spirited young man apparently. Heartbroken for his family, sad for his friends.

So, in that vein of appreciation for all that is, and to honor Tim’s friend Zak, carpe diem!

I quietly pack away the flip flops and swim gear, replace them with a ski jacket, mitts, and my trusty Ugg boots, settle in and savour the gift of a winter’s return …. as equal a gift from nature’s bounty as a La Quinta warm desert breeze though less of a joy, when one is yearning for more typical spring conditions …

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do, with your one wild and precious life?” ….. Mary Oliver from the poem, “The Summer Day”








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