Desert Sunrise


Shook off the remainder of that nasty flu bug that even I, who am normally immune to flus, managed to catch a few days before my flight …. But a few days of sunshine, warmth and fresh air and health is restored ….. am back in the land of the living! Mickey and Gordon joined me, arriving a few days later, for their break, leaving behind Vancouver’s dismal rainy season …. Dealing with unpleasant winter weather conditions would appear to be a Canadian pastime πŸ™‚

My favourite morning walk along the Santa Rosas has patiently waited my return ….. the beauty of a desert sunrise grounds, soothes and continues to draw me to this valley. The peace is extraordinary! The club atmosphere that prevails throughout the Coachella Valley, not so much … but the brief, little over two hour Westjet commute and the balm weather surely does!! … golf is certainly one of the main draws for those who arrive every winter and I keep telling myself I will take it up again one day …. although I don’t totally dislike the sport and Lord knows my husband and kids love a good round of golf, it does strike me as a rather strange way to spend one’s retirement years, chasing a little white ball around πŸ™‚ …… my conflicted attitude prevails regarding retirement lifestyles …. will I morph into one of those folks who goes on and on about a golf score as a source of major excitement for the day or worse, enjoying a fabulous bridge hand?? Nah ….. My DNA would more likely dictate that I hit the trails, find a comfy rock, sit a spell and contemplate the beauty of life, surrounded by this prehistoric mountain vista …..






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