The Joy of Christmas Season in Calgary


Christmas season 2012 …. hmmmm …. wondering if I have a touch of the Ebenezer Scroogia virus happening … I, who have been, um, rather a Christmas ‘enthusiast extraordinaire’ for most of my life, am finding all the forced gaiety, the more often than not, booze fuelled party scene, silver tinseltown decor, continuous festive music playing wherever one goes (and I normally adore Christmas music!!) … and oh my, that incessant “are you ready for Christmas” … well, I am finding it all rather annoying this year … Scrooge keeps hopping on my shoulder! Need to reacquaint myself with my Christmas Spirit mojo 🙂

It IS a season of hope …. celebrating the birth of that hope via Jesus, saviour to those of Christian faith … have always somehow loved that about this season! I wonder how many, as they glitz up theirs homes and themselves, know the roots of Christmas … some of that rooting also dates back to European pagan traditions and celebrations …. which a good part of our celebrating reflects today. Personally, although I am not religious in any traditional way, I do love sitting in a church at Christmas time … it is peaceful and depending on the church, one can feel hope, love, joy while quietly sitting in the pews.

Our own little ray of hope, light, love and unbelievable joy, Aliana, warms both the Overmann and Webb families …. children are just like that 🙂 The older I grow, I find myself yearning for a simpler time, escaping the madness of the season ….. A log cabin in the woods, pine boughs decking the halls, fire crackling in a wood burning fireplace, stew simmering on the stove, hearty bread ready to soak up the delicious broth, a smooth cabernet to savour the flavour …. family getting ready for some outdoor fun … Aliana and I creating a field of snow angels … skiing and boarding, our own Rocky Mountain high … later, perhaps a board game or two, basking in the quiet companionship of family …. Brian playing softly on the piano … oh, a rude break in the fantasy … of course, no pianos in the wilderness!! But the rest of it …. ummm … going to work on that for next year!!!



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