A quick flight and home again


“It is not how much we give but how much love we put into giving”. Mother Teresa

At one point, after my family flew home, I considered returning to Romania before I realized just how far it is fromi Hondarribia in Northern Spain! I had thought I could take an overnight train and work in this mini side trip to visit with Mihaela, Dan, Coca and the little orphans of St. Nicholas Hospital …. However, Romania and Spain are as far from each other as just about any European countries can be!! … this side trip would require several different train lines, two days of travel or an incredibly expensive flight … not very practical I suppose … I reconsidered, given I had but a handful of days

before my own flight home. The children are well cared for, with many volunteers to love them on a regular enough basis. That is about as good as it can get for the children I grew to love in such a short time. Life is simply not fair for some in our world and all we can do is show love and kindness wherever we find ourselves, one day at a time, one child at a time. Helping children and primarily, orphans, will remain my focus for future volunteer postings …… a perfect fit combining two passions … the exploration of our amazing world in combination with helping children in whatever capacity I can, where I can … there is no finer feeling in the world, than experiencing a child, happy in your care … So, a goal? …. give to those most in need wherever that is …. this need extends to every country, every city, town or hospital in the world including Calgary, Alberta, Canada! …… Over the twenty years of volunteering in the various schools within Calgary, I seemed to be naturally drawn to those most in need of love and attention ….. the bullies, the trouble makers, the so-called slow learners, those diagnosed as “ADD” … It was painfully apparent they could all benefit from ‘one on one attention’, something possibly missing from their home lives. When Sarah was little more than a newborn, a friend, who had raised six children, shared something so sweet and valuable, it stayed with me as I raised my own children …… “just love them with an open, caring and loving heart and everything else will simply fall into place”. Something certainly to aspire to even though at times, I failed miserably. Overly simplistic advice? …. Over the years, I came to realize it was sage advice from a wise mother …. I share some pictures of special people and moments that celebrate love in my life ….











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