A Summer Holiday


Home for no more than two months and here I am, back on the road, nomadic spirit rearing it’s little head once again … this time, Europe! …. Paris, nonetheless, with Sarah, Rob, Aliana et al. … Amazing … A bonus adventure in a year of extraordinary transformative travel and experiences! I have become very accustomed to exploring on my own these past few years, and am finding this whole experience of travel with family again, quite delightful in many respects … Stay tuned for future reflections … A few pictures from our first few days of touristic experiences … ie. a walk through Buckingham Palace for starters …. I have been in London so many times over the years, and often in transit only, during the many years living in Kuwait, but had yet to see this quite amazing “castle” ….. No pictures allowed inside, of course and as I walked through the corridors of regal wealth … I cannot help but wonder, do real people actually live in all this ostentatious opulent glitter??? The over thirty acres of grounds are lovely however … beautiful nature surrounds this iconic British monolith that is Buckingham Palace, home of the Windsor dynasty.









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