This is slightly out of sequence as it did not post earlier, so redoing it:

Shortly after our Satsang with Pujya Swami Chidanand Sarawatiji, during our last ashram communal dinner together in the dining hall, an old sadhu who usually sits near the Swamiji during Aarti, starts chatting in English about yoga and that he once taught yoga at the ashram … he suddenly pulls up his orange robes displaying his concave stomach, and hmmm, his skivvies and the skinniest body I have ever seen …. (Rob O., you have competition although I hear you are hitting the gym these days and may lose your status) ….. to what end, we were not sure, although most likely, he is rather proud of his skinny self ….. he proceeds to turn himself into a pretzel, wrapping his foot around his neck (Rob, seems to me this is also your specialty …. perhaps you have a touch of old sadhu in you!) ….. this man, this sadhu is apparently 104!!!

He tells us he will give us a yoga class in the morning …. of course we are intrigued, and venture out at 6 am, despite a heavy monsoonish downpour that had just subsided ….. the marble on the ghats was slippery, still wet and ashram alley, a mud bath (well, mostly mud I hope) ….. but what we got was the old sadhu’s rather short discourse on longevity … (eat ten almonds a day, drink warm milk, practice yoga, pray, do Aarti everyday and be good people!!) yup, very concise, very short indeed …. he did introduce us to an interesting yoga master, who chatted about his own accomplishments and accolades in yoga instruction and the yoga organization he heads ….. humble he was not …… we caught him finishing his morning dip in the Ganga ….. but alas, no class … an entertaining morning regardless …. not a bad way to end my stay at the ashram! Madeline, Oleg, Aman and her husband Savi and I continued on to our favorite hang out, Green Cafe, to enjoy our last breakfast together before we all scattered … Posting picture of above as well as some of my favourite sadhus on ashram alley. Hari Om, Hari Om …..















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