June 25, 1982 …. Sarah Liisa Webb was born at 2:23 p.m.


The month before Sarah’s birth I had turned 30 and remember having a silly thought that when she turns 30 I will be exactly double her age and that day has arrived, June 25, 2012! Nothing much, regardless of all the books, prenatal classes etc. one reads or takes, prepares you for the moment your first child is in your arms …. It is a moment of pure magic. A wave of tenderness and love takes residence in every fiber of your being ….. It is so extraordinary, given the pain you had just experienced during labor to deliver this little being ….. like a light switch, the pain disappears, replaced by a state of grace ….. my journey into parental love was launched. I honor Sarah Liisa Webb Overmann today on her 30th birthday …. a beautiful, kind and loving young woman, my daughter, now an amazing mother herself to Aliana Eeva. As I watched Sarah growing up, I was constantly amazed at what a good person she is …. when she was in her late teens, I remember telling her, that if she wasn’t my daughter, I would have wanted her as my best friend …. I have never in all her years, heard her gossip rudely or say anything mean about anyone ever …. Once when Sarah was around seven, she asked me why some kids are mean …… schooly exposes one to the ways of the world and to the cruel ways in which girls in particular, can sometimes behave … the cliques and exclusivity that starts early unfortunately … I remember having talks that started then, about how some people are just not happy in their hearts and they make themselves feel better by trying to make someone else feel unhappy, twisted as that is ….. we had many talks over the years about such issues but even today, neither of us still totally gets how someone can be unkind. As a mother, despite Sarah’s many many incredible accomplishments in every area of life, her kindness is still what I value the most … I honor the loveliest daughter anyone could ever hope for. I love you ‘my little girl’ ……

I am going to share my mantra for the year once again …. for Sarah’s birthday!

See for yourself
Go places
Seek out the good
Tread lightly
Worry less
Take chances
Face your fears
Do what you love
Give back
Make a difference
Laugh a lot
Breathe deeply
Know Peace
Enjoy the journey
Live while you live!






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