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  1. Looking forward to your updates Seija. Beautiful family photos! Enjoy your time in Romania and sending hugs to all the little ones you will meet. Hugs Jan

  2. Enjoy your adventure, you will make a big different in the lives you touch in Romania and India. All the very best and stay safe. Take care, Karen

  3. Loved reading all you wrote so far…and wonderful pictures! Looks like weather-wise you’ve hit a good time and spring is in full bloom there…Love the Muguet shots (or lilly of the valley), one of my absolute favourite flowers…It also takes me back to my childhood, it is our tradition to gift ‘women’ this flower on the 1st of May. At my elementary school, on May 1st, the scent in each classroom is still in my head as all the teachers were receiving massive bouquets of Muguet – a beautiful tradition. The lady you gifted the flowers to in the street looks happy but confused 😉 Your kindness is so rare these days…I’m sure you made her day, her week, her month. Love to you Seija and look forward to reading as you travel and settle. M xo

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