A Different Take On Spring Fever 🙄


The Covid virus hit me like a hammer in early spring. My immune system had not had a workout in a long time … no colds no flus so perhaps I was overdue, because the workout was intense! I laid low for the better part of a month. Chills, low grade fever, strange taste in my mouth, extreme fatigue and zero appetite … my only symptoms … lasted two solid weeks and a further two weeks to slowly recover my energy and appetite, which is still lagging way behind what it typically is. No worries there as I certainly needed to lose a kilo or ten 😂 but not a diet I recommend. After well over a year of all the fear mongering surrounding covid, it was, in an odd way, empowering to have lived through it. Not everyone did and my heart goes out to the families around the world who lost loved ones. Research is still ongoing whether I will have natural immunity after having had COVID, but for now, according to the blood analysis I had done in Calgary, I have a ton of antibodies floating around for at least eight months and possibly much longer. As the research and various studies are still fairly new … less than a year … it is too early to form definitive conclusions. I continue searching out reputable research sites for the latest information much as I have since this pandemic began.

After regaining my strength, I drove to Calgary in early May to help out with my grandchildren while their parents went to work. After so much isolation these past six or seven months, I cannot describe what a joy it was to share family patio dinners at both my children’s homes. Family has been what sustained me throughout this pandemic … 🙏! Thankful that we have been able to enjoy pockets of time together, in our own little bubble throughout this crazy year and four months! While Sarah worked in Victoria, I practiced my homeschooling skills with Aliana and Oliver in Calgary. I improved from last year when I took it far too seriously. I used goofy humour this time …. works wonders 😂!!

Hugs ❤️
❤️My Sleeping Darlings❤️ (this is quite often what I too wake up to most mornings at my daughter’s home as the kids go to sleep with me … this is a picture my daughter took)
Happy place ❤️

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